Body painting is more than just paint or mere body decoration. The closest thing I can relate it to is make up. Girls typically use make it to enhance their feminine qualities or  use it just for fun. Body painting to the Karo and the Surma is much more than that. Both men and women, both young and old all participate in the tradition.  Body painting has so much more meaning behind it. It's used not only to attract the opposite sex, but it can also be used to identify yourself as person and your beliefs. Musri and Surma are able to create intricate designs with the use of various chalks, ochers, circles, lines, and sometimes even dots.

A really cool thing that I read about was "Twining". It is a technique that some of the Omo Valley tribes use to identify themselves as friends with another person. They will draw patterns on another that are the same or some what similar. I guess you could say its like making a friendship bracelet for your best friend!



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